Yesterday was my birthday – Brainless Blogger

This was the goofy card my spouse got for me

These are the flowers he got me

And this is when the birthday song was sung for me in a moose hat at dinner with my mom and spouse. It was a surprise attack. My mom mentioned it was my birthday casually… and they pounced unexpectedly on me. And I blushed furiously as they did but it was fun and they gave me ice cream. So all cool.

It was a good day. Good day to be alive and reminds me how glad I am around still. I consider age to be levelling up in wisdom and awesomeness.

However, dinner took a toll. Got the spinny vertigo and when I got home to lay down it didn’t get better even though I took an extra vertigo pill. So I did not sleep well and ended up on the couch all night. And I guess that is just because it is hard to be out and about for long without that being triggered. Even though I prepared by resting beforehand. It is what it is. And that is what my cane is for, for when things get worse and I need to balance.

Worth it though, eh? To get out and about for a little bit? I think so. Also hanging out with my two favourite people on my birthday is totally worth it.

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