What Do Twitter Employees in New York Wear to Work?

Twitter may be besieged with controversies over fake news, hate speech and harassment, but its Manhattan offices on West 17th Street are a study in sunny civility.

On a recent Thursday, the 400 so-called tweeps who work there were dining on Indian food in the bright cafeteria, with its Big Buck Hunter arcade game and Ping-Pong table. Others were pecking away on their sticker-covered laptops. And with the average age hovering around 30, there seems to be less and less separating street clothes from office wear.

Age: 30

Occupation: lead partner manager

How do you dress for work?

I have influences from the different places I’ve lived: born and raised in Miami; went out to San Francisco for five years; then New York.

You don’t look so much Miami.

I have the black V-neck below the sweatshirt. Also I’d say my Air Force 1’s are Miami. Though they’re also a bit New York. Black. Like the jeans.

What about the sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt is comfort. It’s a hoodie from Outdoor Voices. I could wear it after work, at work.

With an Apple Watch.

Honestly, I have a watch my father gave me, a Breitling, which I love. But I’ve been using my Apple Watch for the fitness aspect.

You look fit.

I’m able to track my family and see how they’re doing. We get competitive.

Age: 24

Occupation: strategy and operations associate

Those sleeves! Are you about to fly away?

Literally. I’m a huge fan of an all-black look. There’s so much you can do with it. And this has a lot of personality and is sheer and very witchy.

What draws you to witchy things?

Alexander McQueen loved to design for very powerful women, who can be seen as bold or dangerous. And that defines a lot of the things that attract me. But I’m not a witch.

Tell me about your black jeans.

I’m not actually a huge jean fan. I don’t own that many. But you need a pair of black jeans. It can be the foundation of a great outfit. Like the way you need a little black dress.

What’s the attraction to an all-black outfit?

Monochrome you can either do very well or it can be very boring. To be able to communicate your identity through a black palette is pretty incredible.

Age: 38

Occupation: director of curation

Tell me about your hair color.

I like the idea that if you’re going to have to be a grown-up, making grown-up decisions, you can also have some fun with things like bright pink hair.

Vintage belt?

Vintage. I have a mild obsession with ouroboros — the snake is eating itself but also birthing itself. The idea of self-criticism and self-improvement.

You’re wearing a lot of black.

I wear a lot of black. Always. I used to wear a lot of color. As the hair got brighter, the clothes got darker.

Has your style changed since you began dressing maternity?

I’ve been trying really hard to make sure it hasn’t. I’m lucky that many of my clothes have the benefit of Lycra.

Age: 37

Occupation: content strategy lead

So many stickers on your laptop.

When I got here, I noticed a lot of tweeps like to trick out their laptops.

Excuse me, did you say “tweeps”?

Yes. That’s what we call Twitter employees.

Your T-shirt is what I would call “high visibility.”

The T-shirt and pants are both Polo, a nod to my previous job at Ralph Lauren. The pants I love because they’re kind of absurd.

I don’t think they’re absurd. Wide-leg pants are very much in style.

For me, they’re pleated, they’re baggy, and they’re not hemmed, so it’s everything guys were told not to do to their pants. Hopefully it’s so wrong that it’s right.

Age: 28

Occupation: account manager

I like your overalls.

Jeans are so stiff. I got this at a thrift shop in Cranford, New Jersey.

Aren’t you worried, with a sweater under your overalls, that you’ll overheat?

I’m hot right now.

Your earring goes the length of your ear.

It’s actually not an extra piercing or anything, it’s just a hook to the top of my ear.

Clearly Twitter is a tattoo-friendly office.

This is the Millennium Falcon. One of my cousins passed away two years ago, and he was the biggest Star Wars nerd I can think of. When he passed, my whole family got different Star Wars tattoos.

That’s a lovely story. May the force be with you.

You too.

Age: 27

Occupation: I.T. support engineer

Are you one of those mean I.T. people?

I try to make it as welcoming as possible. I try not to be a jerk.

Are those gauges in your ear?

I used to have way bigger gauges. They got really gross and smelly, but I’ve slimmed them down.

Why clear glasses?

To be totally honest, a year had gone by and I hadn’t used my insurance. I got $200 off, so I went crazy. They’re Nike.

Like everyone else here, you’re wearing black jeans.

Every day. They’re slimming. In fact, I just donated the rest of my blue jeans.

The shoes. You’re basically a Nike commercial.

I wear Adidas, too. I got these for myself for my birthday. They’re custom Air Max. They say “Game Over” on the back. I’m a super-gamer.

Age: 42

Occupation: Vice president of publisher products

You’re in shades of gray.

I’m graying, I have a very gray beard, and my wife wears gray and we dress our son in gray. I don’t know why.

You sound like the world’s most depressing family.

It’s just happened. We’ve just adopted gray as our color.

How do you decide what to wear each morning?

I have two pairs of jeans: black and gray. And then always a button-down, where you can actually button down the collar.

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