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The things about fibromyalgia is that it sucks. A lot. But also a lot of other things that I shall now explain.

The things about fibromyalgia

The thing about fibromyalgia is that…

You have no idea if a pain or symptom is fibromyalgia or some other random thing that may or may not be important.

If you happen to develop a comorbid condition… it is damn hard to tell because when you flare with fibromyalgia a lot of strange symptoms crop up.

Pain is so varied. From burning flesh pain, to crushing rib pain, to overall everywhere I am I am in hell pain.

You completely forget how to sleep. Just have no idea how to do it. And when you finally succeed… you will wake up at least 100 times during the night.

Fibro fog is actually complex. From short term memory issues to saying the wrong word, typing the wrong word, things coming out all ass-backwards, to losing your train of thought, to ceasing to comprehend what someone is saying…. and much, much more that I would explain if I could actually concentrate for two damn seconds.

It can get worse. It can get better. And every day is a new surprise in pain levels and symptoms.

They tell you exercise is the best thing for it but when you attempt any exercise the pain is horrific and then you have this utter exhaustion after. And that is from exercising 10 minutes.

Some people can worth it. Some people cannot. Some people cannot but have to. We vary in levels of disability and functionality. And that changes in our own fibromyalgia life.

There are like 100 symptoms and so it is no surprise when you go to the doctor about some random abnormal symptoms and they brush it off as fibromyalgia.

Some people still think it is ‘in our heads’ but honestly I don’t think my brain is that creative to come up with this mess of crap.

Doctors say we need to pace. So we do. Then people call us lazy. Bastards.

We are constantly feeling guilty for not being Enough when this is something that is Not our fault and we are not to blame.

You will try 1001 alternative treatments and supplements. Just the rules. None of which you can afford because your income is dramatically effected eventually

You will focus more on your wellbeing that any normal functional person even Thinks about. But then told by them ‘have you tried drinking pickle juice for a year?’

Men and children do not get fibromyalgia. Oh, wait, they actually can and do.

People for some reason do not get that the pain never actually turns off. It can be low. It can be high. But it is never not there. And so then on a good day, you can do something… such that they assume you must be capable of that every day. And we totally are not.

When you get a side effect from a medication you have no idea if it is a side effect or a symptom

When you get side effects from medication and 100% of the time one of them is weight gain. And then a doctor will tell you you need to lose weight that they caused with their infernal drugs.

When you feel like you are wearing a lead blanket all day and have to just drag yourself through the day so you can get home and crash.

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