Simone Biles Takes Gymnastics to a New Level. Again.

Biles began working with Landi —who previously coached Madison Kocian, one of Biles’s 2016 Olympic teammates — after she returned from Rio. She trained from age 7 to 19 under Aimee Boorman, who moved to become the executive director of a gym in Florida.

Biles has admitted that her love for the sport was sometimes diminished, especially as she grappled with the emotional trauma of the Nassar revelations. But she has worked to find more joy outside the gym, spending time with friends, family and Lilo, the French bulldog she adopted last year. It’s important, she said, to have balance in her life as she trains for her second Olympic Games.

“At the end of the day, once I look up and it’s coming to 6 o’clock, I’m out of there,” she said with a smile. “I don’t try to lollygag around the gym or anything. Sometimes I don’t even stretch. I’m just like, ‘O.K., I’m leaving, sorry.’”

The shift in priorities has not reduced Biles’s training, and she remains at the vanguard of her sport. If Biles completes the triple double at the world championships in Stuttgart, Germany, in October, the trick will be forever known as the Biles II. Her two other innovations — a floor exercise pass that succeeded at worlds in 2013 and a vault she landed last year — are simply called the Biles, because each was her first addition to a particular event.

Biles has been practicing another novelty, a double-double dismount from the balance beam, which she is hoping to debut this weekend as well. The dismount would not be as big a breakthrough as the triple double, but it, too, could bear her name.

“They are being pushed by Simone,” Tom Forster, the performance director for the national women’s team, said of her competitors. “Let’s be honest: Everyone is trying to keep up.”

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