Protest at Hong Kong Airport Forces More Than 100 Flight Cancellations

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s airport canceled more than 100 flights on Monday afternoon after thousands of demonstrators flooded the transportation hub, one of the world’s busiest, in a show of anger over the police’s response to protests the night before.

The cancellation of well over 100 flights, including many departing after 6 p.m., was a stark display of the power of the protests to disrupt the basic functioning of the Asian financial hub. The airport is a crucial connection point for air travel around Asia.

The protesters gathered throughout the day, eventually filling the arrivals hall, before more protesters went upstairs to the departures hall.

“As a member of Hong Kong, this incident is no longer a political issue,” Ms. Tse said. “It is a battle between right and wrong.”

She criticized the police for firing tear gas into a subway station and chasing protesters down an escalator in a dangerous way. “It was almost like a stampede.”

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