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Some prefer to hear from amateurs. Ms. Pool of “Couples Therapy With Candice & Casey” finds podcasts made by marriage counselors “boring.” Her husband thinks professionals lack vulnerability. “When it’s two people laughing about their own relationship problems, it’s much more relatable,” Ms. Pool said.

Mr. Neistat is clear, though, that he is no expert. “We probably remind the audience 10 times in every episode that we have no idea what we are talking about and they should not take us literally,” he said. “We permanently live on the precipice of divorce, and we are not good role models for how to have a good marriage!” This made his wife laugh.

Another podcast, “Couples Therapy,” is hosted by Naomi Ekperigin, 35, and her fiancé, Andy Beckerman, 39, who are comedians. It started as outright entertainment — a stand-up show — and morphed into recordings when they moved from New York City to Los Angeles last year. “If you don’t have a podcast in L.A. you don’t exist,” Ms. Ekperigin said.

They open most episodes riffing on their own relationship and then cut to segments of couples doing stand-up, mostly taped live the first Saturday of every month at the Virgil, a club in Los Angeles.

One of their favorite live sets was the actress Alice Wetterlund and her ex-husband. “They had already gotten divorced, and they were so honest about why they should never have gotten married in the first place,” Mr. Beckerman said. “Audience members came up and said, ‘I almost wish they were still together.’”

He and Ms. Ekperigin are in couples therapy, too — the off-air kind. They started going after they got engaged, three years into their now nine-year relationship, because they were having the same fights around the same issues. “We are about to do this forever, it’s so important to work that out,” Ms. Ekperigin said.

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