Lupus and Your First Rheumatologist Visit

If you are just in the midst of getting diagnosed with lupus, you will likely be off to see a Rheumatologist for the first time. Rheumatologists are doctors who specialize in connective tissue and rheumatological diseases such as lupus, RA, scleroderma and more.

Visiting for the first time can feel overwhelming. You likely have a lot of questions and, if you aren’t particularly feeling well, just preparing for the visit alone may seem like too much to bear.

But we want to help you get through it. In fact, we even made a video about how to prepare for your first office visit. We will look at:

What to prepare beforehand…

What questions to ask while you are there…

How to prepare for tests and bloodwork and so much more.

Watch the video below to learn everything you need to know about your first lupus related rheumatology visit!

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