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So you know when you have a crappy health situation and then it gets worse and you think it can’t get worse than This hell? Yep. Can. Always can.

Personally, I think there should be a lifetime limit on the number of chronic illnesses one can possibly have. But nope.

MRI results: Brain lesions and possible MS

So. MRI.

I have a lot of lesions on my brain. Might as well say my brain is a lesion. And they said it likely demyelinating going on. So very likely I have MS which is a common cause of that. Which does run in my family so that would be more logical than other causes. And it sort of freaks me out. But on the other side, I have dealt with health issues since I was young. I know I can handle any issue that comes up. I have resilience. But still freaked out a bit. I do have to confirm with a neurologist for diagnosis. Because white matter lesions happen in chronic migraine and migraine with aura. And I had them in 2009 which were said to be related to migraine. So nothing set in stone until they tell me so.

Basically, I am upset. Because it is a lot to handle with all the other stuff I handle.  And I did actually think it was a likely possibility when my doctor called me in to talk about it. But after a week of waiting for that appointment, I came up with a few possibilities. That one just seemed the most likely of them really. And I feel overburdened with ailments at this point. My cup overflows with illness. And that sucks. It is a real suckfest.

However, you can’t get ahead of yourself. I will need to talk to the neurologist about it and see what his opinion is. What sort of lesions. If it is another demyelinating disease of some sort. Maybe just migraine lesions. Maybe there is no demyelination at all. I don’t know. I am not a neurologist. So I will have to wait until I get in to see a neurologist. And just try not to worry about it.

Not only are there overlapping symptoms between the two, but both migraine and MS can show abnormalities in your brain as well. When you see a neurologist for your headaches, you’ll typically have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your brain. If you have migraine or MS, it may show brain lesions called white matter lesions or T2 hyperintensities, although the pattern is usually different in each. This is why these lesions need to be interpreted carefully on an MRI and considered along with your symptoms. Verywellhealth

And I read that you really have to look at an MRI and the lesions to determine anything. Not just because of migraine lesions but also a lot of other conditions that cause lesions. I know my MRI this time is a lot worse than last time, for sure, but that doesn’t say much. The pattern I have suggests demyelination but that pattern has to be confirmed by a neurologist along with symptom presentation.

So who knows, eh?

And then… just deal with it, eh? What more can a person do? New treatments. New symptoms. All the same deal just a different game.

So let’s mention the symptoms that can crop up early on in MS (Healthline)

  • vision problems
  • tingling and numbness
  • pains and spasms
  • weakness or fatigue
  • balance problems or dizziness
  • bladder issues
  • sexual dysfunction
  • cognitive problems

See also MS Society

And yeah most of them are common to other conditions. So I am familiar with most of them simply from fibromyalgia. But the visual issues I have had have been pretty weird. Including, before the vertigo began, one-sided blindless that lasted only about a minute. But now with the problems focusing and blurred vision… bit more than that. And the fatigue I have had lately is massive. I mean severe. Way more severe than fibromyalgia, which sucks by itself. Might be a combo of things. Vertigo… makes your body and brain very fatigued, for example. And I definitely have had constant dizziness and balance issues. Ergo my cane. And the cognitive issues I have been having are like a really severe brain fog. At times, you can’t think through it.

Here are the supplements you can take for MS

I take a lot of them already in mild dosages. Might have to amp up the Vit D though. Or get outside for walkabouts in the sunlight.

Here is Healthline’s best of the best MS bloggers that I definitely will be checking out.

Things I am thinking about

  • Not cool, body. Not cool at all. Chronic illnesses are not like collectables… you don’t need them All.
  • I wonder… how Long have I had this? Did I ever have vestibular migraines? Or was it always this? Because it came and it went, and came and went… and so forth. And I wonder if it would have made any difference if that is the case.
  • I wonder do I have the progressive sort or the relapsing form.
  • I wonder if my relationship can endure this.
  • I wonder what I am feeling. Because I am not sure yet since I haven’t processed it really. And likely won’t until I talk to the neurologist and it is said flat out and what we will do about it
  • I wonder how I will cope. Or do I need to adjust my coping strategies again?
  • I wonder if it is MS at all. And how they can tell the difference between migraine lesions and MS lesions.
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