Black Friday 2019: What You Need to Know

In the age of e-commerce, Black Friday can feel like an anachronism. But don’t be fooled. The Friday after Thanksgiving remains enormously important — at least symbolically — to the retail industry. Millions of shoppers headed out to stores on Friday, working off that turkey and stuffing by racing to find the best deals.

Many others stayed at home, content to cruise the internet to do their shopping. Whether it’s in stores or online, our reporters are covering it here, with a little help from our friends at The Wirecutter.

People who get an early jump on their holiday shopping inspire both envy and awe, and there has been even more early shopping this year.

“We need to consume better, not more,” she added.

Parisian authorities also asked the government to allow cities to slap a so-called eco-tax on Amazon and other delivery platforms to make e-commerce players pay for pollution and rising delivery traffic.

Protesters from the Extinction Rebellion movement and other environmental groups held “Block Friday” demonstrations throughout France. Many of the events were aimed at Amazon, with some banners saying “No to Amazon and its world.”

— Liz Alderman and Stanley Reed

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