Autoworkers Union Calls for Strike Against G.M.

While the prospect of a strike has temporarily taken the spotlight off the union’s legal troubles, the scandal has made members suspicious of the U.A.W. leadership, said Paul Wohlfarth, a retired U.A.W. member from Toledo who is still active in the union.

“It seemed like a few bad apples at first, but it’s not,” he said. “It’s a whole bushel.”

Since 2017, nine people have been charged in connection with a variety of schemes in which union money was allegedly used for extravagant personal spending. In one case, Fiat Chrysler’s top labor executive bought a Ferrari sports car and renovated his home using funds earmarked for a training center run by the union and the automaker.

Late last month, federal agents raided Mr. Jones’s home in Canton, Mich.; a Hazelwood, Mo., regional office that Mr. Jones previously headed; the union’s Black Lake retreat in Onaway, Mich.; and the Corona, Calif., home of Mr. Jones’s predecessor, Dennis Williams.

On Thursday, Vance Pearson, a senior union official who worked closely with Mr. Jones, was charged with embezzlement, money laundering, wire fraud, conspiracy and other offenses. The prosecutor’s complaint said Mr. Pearson and other senior U.A.W. officials spent union funds on luxury villas in Palm Springs, Calif., golf clubs, clothing, expensive champagne, liquors and cigars.

Mr. Pearson took part in union meetings and the strike vote on Sunday, a union spokesman confirmed.

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